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    The Ziran Qigong Online Academy
    makes the teachings of Master Liu
    available to you anytime, anywhere.

    The content of our interactive online
    training programs include:
    • Detailed lessons
    • Guided practices
    • Meditations
    • Free practice videos
    • Discussion forum
    • Support material
    • Blog and more

Mater Liu De Ming
"I encourage you to accept that you may not be able to see a path
right now, but that doesn't mean it's not there.“

Master Liu began his study of Ziran Kung Fu and Qigong in his teens with Master Hong Zheng Fu, and later, with the legendary Grandmaster Wan Lai Sheng.

After graduating from Beijing University of Physical Education, Master Liu accepted a teaching post at the famous Shaolin Temple, then spent 12 years teaching at the Fujian Institute Of Physical Education.

Since coming to Australia, Master Liu has taught at his own school, The Ziranmen Kung Fu Academy and taught for 10 years at Melbourne University Tai Chi and Wu Shu Club. He was the founder of the Australia Wu Shu and Tai Chi Practitioners Association (WTPA), was a lecturer at the Victorian College of the Arts and is the head coach of Shaolin temple Wu Shu Training Center in Australia.

Through his nearly 30 years teaching experience, Master Liu has come to believe that the state of a persons physical and mental health is so much more important than any material properties they may strive for. He understands that to gain this free mind and spirit, one's life should be nourished by great philosophy and culture.

In 2016 the Ziran Qigong Online Learning Academy began publishing the teachings of Master Liu as onlione courses, making them available to you anytime, anywhere.

There are many reasons why people all over the globe are choosing to practice Ziran Qigong, whether to improved physical health, for a greater sense of wellbeing, for peace of mind or deep spiritual freedom. We know that regular practice of Ziran Qigong is the most effective way to achieve your goals.

We believe that a dedicated practice of Ziran Qigong has many many health benefits, and we want you to have the ability to shape your practice around your existing life. Following our progressive pathway of learning the ZRQ online courses are designed to guide and support your practice and open your awareness to a more harmonious body mind spirit experience.

Master Liu Deming
5th Generation Lineage Inheritor Zi Ran Men